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Do you want your Company to grow?
Does your Company Strategic Plan include Acquisitions as a key element of growth or expansion?
Is your Company positioned to capitalize on Acquisition opportunities?
Do you have a proactive Plan to pursue Acquisitions? Or, do you merely react to situations that occasionally surface in the marketplace?

If Acquisitions or Mergers are or could be an integral part of your Company’s growth and development, Strategic Advisors is uniquely positioned to offer your organization the experience and leadership to execute a targeted, comprehensive plan, and accelerate the process to deliver a highly successful and cost effective M&A strategy.


We use “Proven” techniques that get “Proven” results for our clients.  We make sure you make the “Smart” move.


M&A Planning and Due Diligence Execution As with any major asset acquisition, the purchase of a company, or only some of the assets therein, requires a significant planning process.


The ability to approach the post-merger integration phase of an M&A project with a proven checklist is crucial in the identification and capturing of synergies and ensuring a successful business combination.

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The Strategic Advisors Value Proposition

• Free your management to focus on business operations
• Facilitate the deal process as only a third party can
• Manage the M&A process, “Keep the deal on the table”
• Insure a comprehensive, disciplined process, covering all bases
• Dedicated, knowledgeable professionals expedite the effort, saving time/costs
• Increase probability of success
• Improving deal structure means economic benefit and value to you


Many organizations have chosen to use the acquisition approach as a key strategic element in building their company. Increasing market share, broadening or filling a void in a product line, securing manufacturing capacity, or venturing into a totally new business are all potential reasons for pursuing an acquisition. Strategic Advisors takes great pride in having developed a unique, highly disciplined approach to the Acquisition process. This process reflects the experiences gained from deal transactions and activities over the years, enhanced by our extensive operating backgrounds.

Our proprietary approach to generating deal flow enables Strategic Advisors to develop opportunities that are not typically available outside of a competitive auction environment. Result is quiet, confidential transactions at fair valuations.
Both our buyers and sellers appreciate our patient, polite but perseverant operating style. Our methods offer a structure that allows our clients the opportunity to build rapport and proceed at a pace comfortable for all parties, resulting in successful transactions with minimal disruption.
Expertise in the mechanics of the deal process – valuation and due diligence – are well documented, established and expected. Strategic Advisors differentiates its services by also dedicating significant attention to the “Art of the Deal”. Identifying and opening the appropriate doors in the approach process, cultivating relationships, anticipating potential deal issues before problems surface, understanding and recognizing the subtleties in negotiations and emotions – all have a significant impact on ultimately consummating a successful transaction efficiently with the most favorable terms. Strategic Advisors has made a practice of studying, understanding and addressing these key success factors.
For the client in the acquisition mode, Strategic Advisors strives to build a partnering relationship with our client that promotes a full understanding of the Company's needs enabling us to focus our services to best meet those challenges. We may assume a primary or support role in any or all of the phases necessary to successfully and efficiently consummate the purchase including:

* Identify candidates that potentially meet the client’s strategic and financial criteria.
* Approach potential candidates utilizing proven techniques.
* Evaluate engaged candidates’ ability to satisfy the client criteria.
* Advise, facilitate and negotiate the structuring of the transaction.
* Assist in coordinating, expediting and executing the due diligence process.

Our experience has shown that acquisitions are most successful when driven as a part of an enterprise’s overall strategic plan. Strategic Advisors will work closely with your management team to complement and supplement the talents of your organization. Adding value to achieve your goals is our goal.


Valuation, positioning the company for sale, timing and buyer identification are all important considerations in developing a successful exit program to achieve the maximum value. Strategic Advisors utilizes a systematic and disciplined process which has as its key objective the completion of a successful transition for our client. This approach enables us to execute the process efficiently and expeditiously, thus deriving the maximum value.

Strategic Advisors offers the full range of services to support the selling activity.

* Business valuations and structuring
* Preparation of offering memorandums
* Identification and selection of optimum purchasers
* Experienced assistance in structuring and executing all aspects of the transaction necessary to achieve closure
* Guidance and facilitation through the due diligence and closure phases.

At Strategic Advisors we believe the formula for delivering the optimum exit strategy requires understanding the key elements of your business, sensitivity to your special needs, and the ability to seek and match qualified buyers. In most situations Strategic Advisors would assume the primary leadership role.

With our depth in business operations, Strategic Advisors can quickly grasp the essence of a business with the focus of identifying all of the value elements.
Our extensive database of contacts and access to key research resources offer the capability to maximize exposure as well as concentrate on the high potential candidates.
While gaining an appreciation for the perspective of both the buy and sell sides over many years, Strategic Advisors has developed a deep understanding of the process and perfected the art of deal making.

    Business Valuation

The practice of business valuation is not a clearly defined discipline. There is no “best method” or universally accepted approach. Anyone can have an opinion. There are, however, a number of valuation methodologies and approaches more commonly used in practice. Strategic Advisors is well versed in the various valuation methods. We tailor every valuation to reflect our clients’ interest and particular situation.

When a business is valued to establish a selling price, there are many considerations that have to be taken into account to maximize the value. Strategic Advisors believes any sound valuation is based upon all relevant facts, but there are elements of common sense, informed judgments and reasonableness that must enter into the process of weighing those facts and determining their aggregate significance. In some situations a business owner may be so involved in the business that valuable aspects of the business may be overlooked. In other cases the owner may be so emotionally attached the value perspective may not be realistic. Understanding our clients' business and providing a focused approach to the valuation method and process allows Strategic Advisors to continue to be on the leading edge of proactive business valuation services.

If you are interested in exploring a valuation or discussing possible acquisition or exit strategies, please give us a call. Additional information on Strategic Advisors is also available at this website.

    Finance Advisory Support

Securing the necessary capital to sustain and grow a business can be a difficult task and is often unchartered territory for the private business owner. Strategic Advisors provides financing and funding guidance and assistance. Strategic Advisors offers a focused and systematic approach to meeting all the needs of our clients in acquisitions and divestitures. Our expertise is mainly in financial restructuring and equity or debt private placements. Strategic Advisors can lead you through the process of raising capital for your company. We assist in developing presentations and memoranda, including complete financial analyses, using proven formats and financial processes. These charts and reports are used in conjunction with oral presentations to prospective financing sources.

Through our experiences and contacts in the banking and private equity community, Strategic Advisors offers access to significant underwriting capability and private equity funding. We pride ourselves in those intangible qualities that make a difference to our clients: hands-on leadership, strong networks and contacts, bottom-line sensitivity and goal-oriented approaches. At Strategic Advisors, we serve a wide range of clients from industry leaders to smaller, specialized companies. Find further information on Strategic Advisors at this website, or contact us directly.

Why Us...

Strategic Advisors is a boutique, private Business Consulting and Financial Advisory firm focusing on Merger & Acquisition activities. Founded in the early 1990s the firm has successfully completed nearly 100 transactions from under $1 Million to over $200 Million with both privately held and public companies across numerous industries. While the majority of this activity has been in North America, numerous transactions and activities have encompassed a global footprint. The firm is also a member of the Association for Corporate Growth.

At Strategic Advisors our reputation is built on a unique perspective and focused commitment to provide the highest level of professional and confidential service for our clients.

The Strategic Advisors mission is to provide corporate and individual clients with exceptional acquisition and divestment guidance and services, accomplishing the client strategies and exceeding their expectations through focused professional management, innovative ideas, and confidential attention, resulting in improved client value and wealth. 


E. Brad King

Offers over twenty five years of extensive experience in business and strategic planning, cost management, as well as merger and acquisition transactions. This includes over thirteen years dedicated to supporting a full range of M&A activities and developing the “art of the deal”. He has played a key role in successfully completing some forty transactions, and has engaged and evaluated countless companies, developing strong relationships with numerous, diverse corporate senior executives, entrepreneurs and private equity groups. Previously while serving as chief financial officer and controller of two diverse manufacturing divisions of W.R. Grace, a Fortune 100 company, he developed a healthy appreciation and understanding for the operational, as well as financial needs required to build the strategic plans and implement the actions necessary to be successful. Prior to that, Mr. King, worked with several other Fortune 500 manufacturers, as well as, the then Big Six CPA firm, Coopers & Lybrand. He received his B.S. from Virginia Tech and his M.B.A. from the University of Utah.

“Strategic Advisors has always impressed us with their ability to approach hard-to-reach targets, identify qualified candidates, and keep the momentum moving.
Strategic Advisors offers a unique niche in addressing acquisitions, and we consider them a highly valued partner in our business development efforts.”

Henry J. West
Executive Vice President
The Marmon Group, Inc.

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Strategic Advisors is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of professional and confidential service. Our services may be tailored to suit your particular situation and needs. If you are interested in learning more about the M&A process or Strategic Advisors capabilities, contact us directly or browse our other links.